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Redcliff Riots

Fight and outsmart enemies in a lightweight but deep tactical combat gameplay.
Put down the prisoner outbreak for the REDCLIFF CORPORATION during the cataclysmic events mars.

Mix of strategy and shooting in medieval defense game. Defend your city from the invading ships. Use different types of cannons and ammo to sunk them!
Sandcastle - Ancient Invasion

Defend your kingdom from the invading mythological ships! Collect coins to buy bananas, plasticine and other crazy weapons. Transform your castle into cans launcher or use ordinary rocks cannon to sunk all enemies.


Name Description
Mobility! Accessible Precision Platformer

I love precision platformers, but they've always been really difficult. Mobility is my attempt to make the genre more accessible. (Die-hard fans, though, can also ignore all that and just play everything on the highest difficulty. Your choice!)
Moby Dick - The Video Game

(loosely) Based on the classic novel, this is a game about surviving.
Take the control of this deadly Leviathan and bring the terror to the Seven Seas, sinking boats, eating humans, birds, fishes and aliens!
Moby Dick 2

Moby Dick is back with a vengeance! Destroy boats, eat their crew and upgrade your skills to survive as long as you can.

Quick jewel puzzle

Name Description
Frontline Defense 2

Strategically place your army against waves of enemies. Shop for new weapons of destruction at your local War-Mart and upgrade them to deal maximum damage!

Quoridor jeux

Name Description

Do you like hardcore games? The Challenge, which you have to go - not for beginners. You need to feel control - and then the game tells you what to do.
Reel Gold

Collect as much gold as possible with the mine cart and rope!
Avalon - Last Stand

You are in a role of great magician who, from his tower, is trying to defend the last standing human city.
By killing monsters you gather mana to research new spells. When you level up, you chose a new spell to learn and later use it to more effectivly combat the monsters.

Quick and easy

Name Description
Babies Dream of Dead Worlds

Before we have memory, before we know what this world is, we dream. Babies dream of what came before, of universes that are no longer there. Babies dream of dead worlds.
Block World

Chase the evil dude through the portals and stop him from taking over the world!
Cat Around The World Game

Make a very nutritious trip around the world together with furry cat! Meow!

Quickscope simulator

Name Description
Medieval Golf

Wonder where golf came from? Here's my guess. Shoot your way across various lands, avoiding cows, bridges, and other obstacles. Try to get into ye olde hole by the par on each level. Golf rules, medieval style! Developed by Armor Games, Produced by John and Dan.
Medieval Mercenary

You are the last Mercenary. Depend the Kingdom, Fight to the Death and don't forget to buy new weapons from Merlin.
Medieval Rampage

Medieval Rampage: The Forsaken Pass

Q mobile a50

Name Description
Brave Shorties 2

The mini-heroes return! Build an army by stacking different classes of heroes on top of each other! Equip special artifacts, activate powerful spells and find the best combinations and formations to repel the enemy invaders and free the land! Sometimes you need a big stack of Shorties to stand tall!
Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

Immerse yourself in the Mesopotamian Middle East between 6000 BC and 2000 BC. Start with a plot of land on the shore of the Euphrates and lead your people through the furnace of World History. Build infrastructure, manage the economy, and develop science and culture. Upgrade your army, keep your borders safe, battle barbarians and repel invaders! Stone by stone, you will erect historically verified structures, houses, library, temple, and even one of the Wonders of the World - the Great Pyramid. Wisely make your choices when events occur: succeed, and you will prevail. Fail, and your empire will perish. Rule the legendary world of Mesopotamia!


Name Description

Quicktime event

Name Description
BulletTime Fighting

You can Fight in Bullettime, run up walls and fight against up to 5 enemies at the same time. Enjoy!

20 Levels and 8 Weapons. Can you survive all of it??
Mutant Fighting Cup

Grow and mutate your animal to fight through the stages and become World Mutant Fighting Champion

Quagmire soundboard

Name Description
Play Battle for the Galaxy

Who will win this epic war to determine the fate of the galaxy? Take control of your forces, build bases and fight for your very survival in this real-time military strategy game.
Battle for Wayland Keep

Defend Wayland Keep, as Argus, the first legendary Hero of Candor.
Best Friends Forever

Working together is always fun for everyone, especially in this Puzzle-Platformer combination that will make your brain bust.

Quien es dr wells en

Name Description
10800 Zombies

Blast hordes after hordes of zombies that stand in your way in this survival horror shooter.

1Quest is a roguelike, where you control a young adventurer who pursues an evil blood cult, after they abducts several people, including the princess of the kingdom!
20 Waves

The local inhabitants of this planet have taken a dislike to our modest mining operation, they are preparing for a massive attack. Use Turrets, missiles, machine guns and shields to hold them off. Protect the ore miners, power units and the engineer by building and repairing walls.


Name Description
Cinema Panic

Cinema Rush is a time management game which gives the player the ability to take the administrationh of a cinema business. During each level, the player must aim the minimum day gain by attending spectators and guard the show room.
BRs Reelin Roundup

With such a hectic lifestyle, Blue Rabbit sometimes needs to get away from it all and what better way than fishing. Extreme speed fishing!

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